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Welcome to MS Insights, a web site dedicated to informing you, the general public, about me, the author of this long and ever growing tale of life, tech and entertainment.
Specifically, this site provides a soap box from which I pontificate about all sorts of things. This enables a free stream of frustration and utter insanity to be released as informative conversation and stunning repartee. It might not be first class, hard hitting journalism, but it is occasionally informational. All of this is focused under the guise of satire, of which some is funny and some is often better left unsaid. Alas, with the good comes the bad, and all of this is brought to you by yours truly.

Mission Statement

If something is of interest to me, you’ll find it on this site. If it isn’t, you won’t find it here. It’s really that simple. You’ll never see a discussion about the latest Oprah book, nor what people are watching on TV or which star is involved in scandal or who is dating who this week. Covering current events is for sissies, so you won’t see that here either unless it pertains to the rather myopic world that I inhabit. There are plenty of sites out there that cover this ground already.

Supporting Information

Some people like the idea of peering into another persons’ life as a source of morbid curiosity. Others seek some sort of escapism filled with swordplay and bizarre humor. For both sets of parties I say shame on you. But, as I have learned thus far, the commentary I offer seems to entertain more of you than it annoys, thus I offer it up in small, bite size nuggets for your amusement. For those of you too lazy to come to the web site (in which case, why are you reading this?) there are RSS feeds on the site, my Twitter posts, and of course the social black hole known as Facebook. For the rest, there is a running blog that can help you better understand the day-to-day ravings of this lunatic called me. So, I guess you are here because you are looking for a laugh at my expense. Hey, I aim to please.

Final Notes

You’ll see some images and links scattered around the site. Sometimes I provide attribution, sometimes I don’t. Don’t blame me for where you end up, it’s the web. I disclaim any morally damaging, inaccurate or discouraging information as just that. If you don’t like what you see, don’t look at it. Have a comment about something? Send it in. Wish I’d just let well enough alone? Well, me too, but that isn’t how I roll.

About The Author

A few short facts about the nut case that runs this site are included below.

  • It’s a he (isn’t it obvious?), 38, and single (oh the humanity of it all)
  • Presently a resident Californian (Northern), but a native of Oklahoma (much to his chagrin)
  • Currently contracting for Phase 2 Industries, LLC (putting the band back together)
  • Likes flying aircraft, road biking, scuba diving, kayaking, driving fast cars, flying model airplanes, playing computer games, and ranting (of course)
  • Knows more about PC’s, home theater equipment and software than he does cooking, high culture and popular authors (see “single” above)
  • Maintains a fairly small group of close friends while staying current with a larger group of extended acquaintances (with most of them on Linked-In and Facebook)
  • Is a Leo (that may explain the hostility) but doesn’t buy into all of that star chart mumbo jumbo (which explains the disdain of Oprah above)
  • Needs to be the center of attention in almost every situation
  • Is a “site specific introvert” (thanks Mike Meyers) when involved in social situations with people he doesn’t know
  • Has more music on hard drive than he does on CD
  • Believes audio is just as important as video (more important in some cases)
  • Is universally known to have a “black cloud” following him around
  • Assumes that complaining is a right, not a privilege
  • Knows that virtually all people on California roads cannot drive properly
  • Now knows that most items and impulses must be acted on immediately to stave off regret
  • Really wishes he could get that one last thing-of-a-bob fixed so he can cross it off the perennial to-do list

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