Attempting to break the surly bonds of Voicemail

Now that I’ve become more of a nomadic worker, without a full-time office location, I’ve been looking for ways to make my phone presence consistent and available no matter how a client might reach me. Switching to AT&T U-verse was one step in that direction, as they offered custom options for forwarding calls and personalize rings. ¬†Using Google Voice (formerly Grand Central) was another, as it allowed a “call one number and reach me anywhere” capability.

Until today I was unsure of how to loop my mobile phone into this world. That did make things a bit difficult as many contacts try to reach me using that number first. Further complicating this connectivity is the fact that in some locations, like my home, I have virtually no wireless signal strength at all.  This left many people thinking that I was ignoring their call when actually I could never hear the phone ring at all.

I decided to do a bit of hunting today and came across this great link for AT&T Wireless customers and forwarding… and it had information to do almost exactly what I wanted to do. I now have things setup in a circular but I believe usable manner:


If this all works I hope to rarely, if ever, listen to another voicemail message again as I’ll be talking to the person who is calling or Google Voice will transcribe the voicemail into text for me.