integration for streaming radio sites

I was in a mood today to make my music listening habits a bit more social, but I found that my two current music services, Pandora and Slacker, don’t naively support sending data to  No problem, I thought, some enterprising hacker out there has solved this problem already.  Right I was, and now you too can have the scrobble ability if you use these two services AND also use Firefox with them:

So long as Firefox continues to be friendly with these plug-ins I’ll be using them to share the music.  That said, I’ll be impressed if this integration works for more than 6 months.  Time will tell. Pandora Slacker Firefox Greasemonkey

Another Track Day Hits the Books

October is here and that means another trip to Thunderhill to track the C6. This year was no exception, and although I’m tired and a bit sore the car and I are no worse for wear, so far as I can tell.  The stats of note for this round of driving are as follows:

  • Average gas mileage: 8 MPG
  • Top speed achieved: 121 MPH (when I managed to look)
  • New things learned: Skipping the cool down lap means cooked brake fluid (and no brakes)
  • Sad fact: The gas gauge read empty at just 124 miles… while lapping another car, thus ending my driving for the day

I could find no new cool cars at this track day to take photos of so an artsy pic of my car and helmet will just have to do this time around.