The Hoopty DTV Antenna

If someone ever wanted to know what lengths I would go to in order to get high def TV programming, this is it.  With a large helping of PVC pipe, fittings, caps, a half mile of coax, an indoor FM antenna, a UHF/VHF combiner, some bolts, wing nuts, washers and a bonafide real antenna (DB2) I have produced this monster eyesore on my patio deck.


It points toward Sutro Tower where most of the Bay Area’s HDTV transmission antennas are located and it doesn’t do half bad, considering I’m more than 50 miles away.  It’s reasonably weatherproof and it doesn’t cost a fortune (at least not yet).  It picks up almost all the stations I care about and feeds them to my DirecTV HR20 and Windows Vista Media Center PC.  It is even reasonably wind-proof, as evidenced by recent 40+ MPH winds. 

In short, it seems to work pretty well even if it is sad to look at.

Grape bar goodness

Since I always seem to be writing about flying, I thought that I’d deliberately throw in one post that has nothing to do with that.  I have determined that my life is not complete without a Dreyer’s natural grape fruit bar.  Sure, I’ve written about it before, but I now now that I really badly need to have a box of these goodies in the freezer at all times.

It is made of grapes, so it has to be healthy, right?

More Power is Always Good

I’ve recently flown a version of the Citabria with nearly 180 horsepower.  The standard version I fly is down around 115.  The extra bump doesn’t seem like much on paper, but man, it really gets the plane moving in a hurry.  I can climb far faster than I’m used to, stay at altitude, and cruise at max speed no matter what.  And before you ask, no it doesn’t burn much more avgas than the standard version.

The downsides of this new plane are: it’s more expensive to rent and I am now “behind the airplane” a lot more than I used to be.  More things for me to learn and aware of on the flights around the area, I suppose.