Two for the money

Today I soloed in the Citabria for a second time.  It ended up being no small feat, thanks to the ever increasing winds.  This puts me within just a few flights more of being able to fly regularly on my own, even if it is only around the airport and practice areas.

I’m glad to have hit this milestone but I sure wished it had come sooner.

Too Much Travel, Too Little Flying (GA)

It seems that I’ve been on the road constantly, and that I’ve done very little general aviation flying.  Upon looking back at my schedule since January, it does appear that most every week and weekend I’m in another city or country, talking to a different customer or partner, eating at a new or similar restaurant and staying at another hotel chain.  I certainly have the flight miles (and nagging cough) to prove it.

I also have started lacking in my ability to get to the local airport and fly, and when I do get out to the airport these day my skills aren’t what they used to be.  That’s a bummer, as I feel like I’m going backwards in my training, and that really bites.  The learning to fly stuff is what helps me keep my head clear of all the work related mumbo-jumbo, but  when it isn’t going well its hard to have a good outlet.

Here’s hoping I get some serious downtime in the near future and can get back on the pilot learning curve, pointed upward again.