Lessons 26 and 27: Back on the Horse Again

My two most recent flying lessons were proof of what happens when I spend a long time away from the cockpit.  On lesson 26 I spent the entire time bobbling around, blowing landings, and generally being a mess while flying.  It was as if I had erased several months worth of flying skills and had regressed to a much earlier phase of flight.  I knew I’d be a bit rusty, but this was bad news.

On the 27th lesson, after around 5 touch and go’s, some of the old flying skills returned.  It was truly maddening to think that the effort I had put in so far was gone in just 3 weeks of non flying.  It is obvious to me that I still have so far to go to really “get flying” to the point of it being a learned behavior.  Throw in flights started at a new (San Carlos) airport and I have feel as if I need to start a few steps back from where I was just a month or two ago.

Thoughts on CES and Such

I have just about recovered from the ordeal that is getting ready for, staging, shipping, demonstrating, and tearing down a full show load out for CES.  I can’t say that I enjoyed it, or that I’d volunteer to do as much work again, but I’m glad its all done.

Severe pain came from the logistics of getting people (namely me) and equipment (some 80+ boxes of it) to and from the show.  As the largest single event in Las Vegas, CES is uniquely positioned to stress out every part of the infrastructure needed to travel, house, transport, and sustain a group of nearly 200,000 people for a week.  As much as I dislike the driving situation in the Bay Area, I now have to thank Las Vegas and their elegant street construction planning for reminding me of how much fun driving 5 MPH for an hour can be.

I now get to start planning for the next series of events, customer contacts, and traveling.  One can only hope that things go smoother the next time around.  A little less smoky smell and a lot more sleep per day can’t hurt, either.

Holiday Downtime, Drivers, and Renewals Oh My

After a short 3 days and change in OK, plus a day and a half in Tahoe, I get a short rest in San Jose for the next week.  Well, that isn’t really true, as I must now scramble to get all of the work done to make it to CES this coming weekend and all next week.  But at least for today it seemed a bit more subdued than usual, or maybe I’m just not sure what to call the time you have outside of work.

What did get me wondering about stuff is the temperature at the house, which is hovering in the 65F area and can’t seem to recover from that range.  Perhaps its from a week of having the heater turned off, but the poor thermostat just can’t seem to catch up to the temperature/time settings as they arrive on schedule.  In the meantime I’ll be wearing my fleece, thank you very much.

On the heavily annoying side of things are drivers who clearly don’t understand where they are or what they are doing, thus preventing me from making to or from any location in my usual speed and grace (which is to say I provide neither).  I’m not sure, but it seems that during the holidays people must fly to the Bay Area and drive around like lost, drunken lemmings just to spite me.

Finally I am spanked again for not having all of my end of the year memberships done.  I went to the R/C field to fly today and my membership in that club wasn’t completed, so I was sidelined.  I come home to find my AAA membership expired, and I’m sure all of my magazine and professional organization memberships have lapsed as well.  Can’t any of these things be setup on auto-pay?