You Just Never Know Who Knows You

I had an interesting talk today with someone I’d never met, but had worked in the same industry with for the last 10 or so years. Without having talked to me before, and based solely on where I had been and what I had said in the public eye this person recommended me to others. I just sat there stunned.

It seems that whenever I need a reminder of the old rule “don’t burn your bridges” one comes along to remind me. This occasion offered just such a reminder and I’m greatful that, thus far, I haven’t managed to make all that many technology people mad at me over the years. Customers, well, they are a different story 😛

Google Picasa Web Album

I had a chance today to fiddle around with yet another Google beta product: Picasa Web Albums. It is the best demo yet of a blend of local (PC based) applications and web site integration with AJAX.

What this all means is that you can add photos from a web page, from an application, or from an email to your photo album any time you want. It’s pretty nifty. Take a look at the progress so far.

Better Web Site Days

After some initial problems it seems that the web site is all fixed up and working again.  This is a nice change of pace from the previous few days where everything just wouldn’t seem to work properly at all.

Strangely, many of the problems were due to “unsupported directives” in an Apache htaccess file.  I’ve never seen anything like it, but it doesn’t matter now.  Things are working again and I’m glad to have it done.

New Server Move Not-So-Complete

After having spent a few days on the new service,, I can say that I’m having some problems that don’t allow me to say that all is well.

First off, all of my scripts that do site redirection are broken with an Server Error 500 page.  The reason, according to the logs, is that the headers (hidden stuff at the front of all good web pages) aren’t being sent.  But I’ve checked things out and they are being sent.  Wonderful, another set of problems to track down.

On top of that the host has been down twice in 2 weeks, not a good start.  This is why I am leaving my old web host, Infinology. I’m not buying into bargain basement fees here, so I have to wonder if this is what the web really is all about these days: advertise heavily, get the customer’s data and credit card, bill them, then hide away and let the service go to hell.  Sounds like some late 90’s business plans if you ask me.