Short Take: Driving on a Saturday

It was warm out today so I decided to take the car out for an extended spin. Little did I know that I would get to experience all of the following:

  • – Massive amounts of traffic
  • – Crazed drivers who must race and pass me every 5 miles
  • – That “bad fish” smell that comes from certain areas near the ocean
  • – Many dead skunks on the road (and now on my tires)
  • – Large 4×4 trucks with muck falling off of them
  • – Roads closed due to mudslides
  • – A Saturn that nearly became part of the rear of my car

All that for a few pictures and some driving around town (and then some). Sometimes I wonder why I bother getting up in the morning.

The Day the PSP Fell Down

It is with some sadness that I must write today that my PSP’s analog joystick has died. Quite simply, it separated itself from the main body of the device and ceased working. This was proceeded by the joystick becoming stuck, spinning my character in circles for the better part of a game, and the other players in the game using me as easy target practice.

Given that I work for the company that makes this device, it seems well and truly sad that such a spot of bad luck would befall my purchase. The PSP is only a few months old and already its headed to the RMA depot. I can only hope that the refurb unit they send me lasts longer than this one did, lest my thumbs again gain feeling and my days become longer with the extra time spent away from GTA.

Good Flights, Bad Disposal

As the ski season has drawn to a close, I switch my attention to aircraft again. This past weekend saw both of the airplanes up and flying again after the winter weather kept them indoors. I was a little rusty, but quickly found my skills coming back after some circuits around the field. That is good news, to be sure, since it means no need to quickly replace another airplane (or all the parts that go with it) in the fleet.

On the down side, my under sink disposal unit decided to go belly up. For those who have not had to replace one of these devices let me just say that its a hard, ugly, and smelly job that you really should pay someone else to do if you can afford to. Me, I thought it would be cake, so I opted to do it myself.� Half a day after I started I finally had all the parts and tools needed, minus about $120 for the disposal unit. It works now but I certainly don’t want to have to replace something like that again any time soon.