Old Dog, New Tricks, Sort of

Today I took a lesson and attempted to snowboard for the first time. To be sure, I’m hurting as I sit here and type this, and it was a real chore to try to learn how to do something so unnatural as boarding.

To be fair, I’ve skied for longer than I can remember so I’m used to not falling down all the time. I’m also not accustomed to sitting in the middle of a trail, waiting to get hit, yet after my lesson and some further practice, this is something that boarders are taught to do.

I think I’ll keep to my skiing, thank you very much.  Oh, and traffic on the way home was the worst its been all year.  It took nearly 2 hours more to get home, thanks to the snow, rain, and my favorite, California’s best drivers.

The PSP is taking over

I held off for a while, but I now own a PSP.  While this is not totally unexpected, given my employer, what is surprising is the speed at which it has consumed my personal time. 

This is due in large part to the PSP’s WiFi abilities.  You see, it can browse most web pages and stream music wirelessly.  This means I can listen to virtually any podcast anywhere I go, as well as any music I happen to find.  Combined with GTA I find less and less free time on my hands.

The next step for me, obviously, is to setup some PSP specific web pages to stream my own MP3 collection, as well as make it easier to get to the information I want. I hope I can do it soon, though, as I really don’t do well on less and less sleep.

One Step Closer to Wired Bliss

Tonight (or this morning) I took one small step toward hardwired ethernet and phone line goodness in the house. I’ve now wired the spare bedroom directly into the downstairs office, eliminating what I hope will be the last of the connectivity problems with the remote PCs.

There is still stuff to do, like cleaning things up, painting and patching walls, and the like.  But with the connection now working up and downstairs, it seems like things are on the road to networked utopia.

Good Snow, Bad Snow

Another weekend and another two days spent skiing in Tahoe. This time around there was a good day with plenty of sun, but some patches of dirt showing through the snow, and a second day with snow flurries but with howling wind and low visability.

Given the constant high temps and low precip, this ski season may be a short one in the Sierra’s this year. Luckily, I have only two more visits to Heavenly to go before the season pass pays for itself.  Here’s to hoping the snow holds out.