The Zen of Cable Pulling

Some progress forward was made today in correcting a job around the home that I started a few weeks ago: putting a network and phone cable up to the room above my office.  Thanks to Don, Lisa and Natalie (but mostly Don and Lisa) I learned the fine art of tearing out a chunk of wall to drill down between floors, then pull cable, and then carefully put the wall back together again.

Things are pretty now, but I hope to have it all up and fixed soon.  I’ll post photos once I recover from all the drywall dust.

The Long, Dark Road

I don’t normally write about work, but things have been getting a bit rough these days.  After spending some serious time over the last year getting a product built and shipped (even though I didn’t approve of shipping it) the public reception left a lot to be desired.  And that is putting it mildly.

Now there is a full-on, wholesale re-org coming and where things end up no one is quite sure yet.  The engineering team isn’t in the best of spirits, and I can’t say that I blame them, given this situation.  My only hope at this point is that we can salvage some learning out of the process and vow never to be pushed into doing what was done again.

Tahoe Skiing 2006, part 1

On Saturday and Sunday, January 14 & 15, the California ski season began for me. It wasn’t the greatest skiing in the world, thanks to some high winds, wet snow, and really cut up trails at Heavenly, but it was skiing nonetheless.

I’m now at home and really tired, having realized that my legs are just not in the kind of shape they need to be in order to squeeze maximum vertical footage out of every day on the slopes. Guess its time to get on the treadmill and start eating my Wheaties.

Back from CES

I have just returned from CES, that large consumer electronics and computer show in Las Vegas, and I am just beat.  Why people must insist on smoking so much I will never know, but I now have the smell to remind me of the time spent there this past week.

It was 4 days of meetings, endless walking, dinners, drinking, and for some (not yours truly) gambling.  2006 will be the year of both big screen (hi-def) and small screen (portable video) given what I saw there.  Plenty of reasons to go out and buy that HDTV or new phone / PDA / portable device you’ve been swearing off.

There were also some of the most amazing looking women on the planet there too, but precious few of them are in the industry.  I managed to miss the high-wattage star power in attendance as well: Robin Williams, Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, Kevin Federline, Britney Spears, Tom Hanks, Bill Gates, just to name a few. 

I did see Lazlow, and hear that he’s continuing to rock on with his other jobs, despite his weekly radio experiment being over.  One can only hope that it rises from the ashes to help shake us from the lameness that is today’s free radio experience.