WordPress 2.0 and site changes

I’ve updated the blog software to WordPress 2.0 and things seem to be moving along fine.  Over the course of the next few days I hope to be using more of the new features it offers.

This may mean some broken or strange looking pages. Bear with me while I figure it all out and get things back to normal, or at least a general state of working-ness.

The snow trip that wasn't

Yesterday I got up before dawn, staggered around the house, and gathered up all of my skiing possessions in the hope of a day of snow induced bliss.  This sadly did not happen.

Quite the opposite happened, actually.

After it was all finished, the people going spent about 9 hours in transit to-and-from Tahoe only to be taught a recurring lesson: Ski resorts lie about their weather conditions.  It was raining and windy, and 50 F at the mountains, completely unsuitable for skiing.

I will wait for the weather situation to improve before trying to travel up to Tahoe again, that is for sure.

Back in Town and Driving Around

I really do need to find a way to keep these updates, well, er, updated on a regular basis

After a long dry spell with no postings, here’s an update. I’ve just gotten back from two full weeks of travel plus another two days on the road inside California. Due to all of this I’m spending the Christmas and New Year’s holidays here at home. This is the first time in nearly two months where I’ll have a stretch of time to sit down and just be at home.

Of course, I can’t sit around and do nothing (besides watch movies and Tivo) so I got brave and zipped out in the rain with the new car. It was a big step for me, as I’ve been very protective of it, and kept it out of the water as much as possible. As the pictures I’ll post in the gallery will attest, I think it was worth it.

Chalk this one up to being one of the reasons its good to live in California.