Don't Tempt Fate

Sometimes when that little voice inside your head says “go on, try that again” you shouldn’t listen to it. Unless, that is, you like disasters.

Today I had one of those moments that I try so hard to avoid, the one where the rational brain and impulsive brain are fighting it out for control. Let me give you the rundown:

  • I had two good flights on my largest R/C airplane
  • There was no real damage, save for some gear scraping, making it a good day
  • The wind was just starting to pick up, so it would had been good to pack it in
  • No one around was pushing me to fly again

So with all of this known, my rational brain told me to call it a day and go home. My impulsive brain said “wait, you can squeeze in one more flight on your own.” So armed with this information I took the plane up again. The takeoff roll was good, the circuits around the field are fine, even the wind buffeting isn’t a big deal.

And then I land. Or I should say I hit the runway.

Now I have a broken rudder, a crunched wing, and a lot of work ahead of me (or someone who fixes things for me) before its flight-worthy again. Sometimes fate is a cruel master, and this time it reminded me that its not always smart to listen to the impulsive thoughts in my head. Doh.

Tired and Out of Sorts

Sleep is such a precious commodity to me that at this point I should begin purchasing it.

I’ve entered month two of very little to no sleep during the week, thanks to a grueling and completely unrealistic product shipment schedule. In a move I will forever regret, I volunteered my services to be both product manager and UI/layout developer, ensuring that I work the same crazy hours I normally assign to the engineering team.

I have to say now that I don’t know how the tech folks live like this, because on weekends all I do is get up around noon, watch a little TV, do a little more work, then head back to sleep. I really hope this project ends soon, as I can’t imagine what a third month of this zombie state would be like.