When upgrades don't go smoothly

Another case of the upgrade software blues on this web site.

I saw a post earlier this week proclaiming a new version of WordPress (my current blogging software) was out. Having missed the previous two updates, I downloaded it, checked it over, read the directions and installed it. After putting a post in, everything seemed to work. I got a little text message that looked odd, but all seemed fine. Peachy.

On Saturday I got back around to looking at what caused this text error. To my horror it had gone from mere annoyance to full blown site wide chaos. Text error messages sprung out of nearly every page. When I poked around to find out why nothing jumped out. Worse still, some of my images were now broken. What had happened?

To shorten this story to its final conclusion, there was an old plug-in I was using on a previous version of WordPress that went south, taking everything it touched (which was the whole site) with it. Now that it is disabled things seem fine again… until the next time I try to be smart with the upgrades. Doh!

Review: Porsche 911

Wow, what an amazing ride. I’m still going through speed withdrawl. More details in the full post.

I had the opportunity to drive a 2001 Porsche 911 today. Actually my boss all but forced me to go drive it, as she knows that I?ve been waiting to get a sports car one of these days. First off I have to comment that there were two noticeable flaws in the car for me: the steering wheel hits my knees with the seat pushed all the way back; the other is a really heavy clutch.

That said, I?m still shaking from the drive. It?s been a good long while since I?ve driven a car that can move that fast, maneuver so deliberately, and stop so assuredly. It does feel like it rides on rails, even if that ride is a bit tight and tough. And when the car is driven right, when ?you drive it like you stole it? the car rewards you by leaving everything in the rear view mirror right quick. Shifts, though heavy, come fast and deliberate. Power builds very quickly and linearly. It?s not the same kick I?ve gotten from my old twin turbo 300zx, but when you hammer the gas this car moves.

At the end of the drive which happened all too quickly I was practically giddy from the experience. A guy on the highway sped away from me and with next to no effort I stuck right to him, well past the century mark on the dial. It?s been a long time since I could do that and I still have the stupid grin on my face because of it. Man, I need a sports car again.

Jaguar Skills

This is funny stuff for the audio inclined

A friend of mine has taken to the airwaves for a weekly radio shown in NY. As part of his weekly (or almost so) regiment he has started producing segments called Jaguar Skills. This is seriously funny stuff, well at least to me it is. Its a UK DJ that has “superfly ninja DJ skills” and who battles evil about as well as he combats telemarketers or STDs.

You can find out more at the Jaguar Skills website, or check out the audio episodes below.

  • Episode 1
  • Episode 2
  • Episode 3

Jaguar Skills, ho!

Newer Furniture

How about a bookcase for every nook and cranny?

What’s better than existing furniture? Why… new furniture! As I’ve been upgrading to new furniture around the downstairs of the house I’m weeding out the older, less desirable furniture. To my surprise I found this bookcase that looks like it now belongs. Here it is:

It fits so precisely that I’ve lost access to the power plug adjacent to the space. That’s why there are so many power cables running off to the side of the photo. When I get a chance to set my camera up correctly for low light I’ll be able to show you what all of those cables are for.

Walking is rough stuff

My right foot is messed up thanks to my inept walking abilities, joy.

It’s official: I’m a complete klutz. I was walking around today, doing some errands, and while stepping off a curb my ankle twisted and became my heel. The twist was so bad that a woman standing nearby actually cried out “oh my!” when it happened. It was a serious challenge just limping back to the truck and driving home.

Looks like there will be very little exercise for me in the near future and a whole lot more limping around and cold packs. Joy for me.