It's good to have hot water

Hot water heaters are very important, I’ve learned

So the “new” house I live in is starting to show signs of its not-so-newness. On Friday the water heater died and I’ve been dealing with the impact of that ever since. What impact, you say? Well for starters…

– No showers because the water here is about 45F coming out of the tap
– Dishes piling up because there is no way to wash them
– Running out of clothes because there is no way to clean them

I never realized how much I was dependent on hot water. I also didn’t understand that the life cycle for water heaters was so predictable. In my complex 4 other water heaters failed this month. The complex is only 14 years old, so it seems like that is the max lifetime for water heaters, or at least A. O. Smith 50 gallon versions like I had.

I’ve been told to expect the HVAC and garage door opener to go next. Just when I was happily expecting to save some money here comes the home issues to eat up that savings.

New Furniture

Mom said she wanted to see the new stuff, so here it is.

I recently added a new set of furniture to the homestead, this time in the form of a dining room table and chairs. They match my living room gear, more or less, and the table expands out to nearly double the size. It was good Scandinavian design and I’m glad to have it. Photos are below.

Review: Batman Begins

The short story here is: it’s good, go see it.

I took a part of this afternoon to go see Batman Begins and I walked away from it pretty impressed. It could have fallen apart just like the many other iterations of Batman have, but it held it all together through the whole picture. It felt, dare I say it, believable, which you could never have said about the first set of movies.

The soundtrack is great also, with Hans Zimmer doing his best to convey the dark tone of the new picture. So great, in fact, that I went straight over to and ordered the soundtrack. But, I am a soundtrack nut, so that’s what I get.

If you are looking for a good film to watch on a weekend (or weekday, for that matter) you can’t go wrong with this one. Recommended.