I Found the Lost Season Finale Sad

So much hype, so much build up, but very little actual delivery with the season end of LOST

Maybe I set myself up to fall on this one, but I was expecting much more from the LOST season finale than I received. Yes, the crazy French woman is back. And the baby is stolen and returned. Rocker dude finds the heroin from the drug plane. And of course the rescue raft sinks.

But the biggest bummers are the hatch is now open but all we see is a ladder, and the creature on the island is a puff of black smoke and clanking sounds. What gives with that? We have to wait all season long for these bits of knowledge? And could ABC please pack a few more commercials into the episode? Most of that 2 hours was spent skipping through the latest car ads, insurance pitches, and movie promos. Sad indeed.

At least I was entertained by the “teacher bits”. Too bad that happened so early in the episode that no laughs came after that. A big thanks goes out to Mark and his super HDTV theater room for the finale’s screening goodness. At least I got to see 720p widescreen in all its splendor.

Of Bumps on the Head and Untrustworthy Toilets

This was a tough weekend for me, what with the final toilet install and a major bump to the head…

I’ve learned two important things this weekend, both quite different from one another:

  1. Watching a cat negotiate its way down a slide is so much less important than making sure you don’t slam your head into a 2×6 board
  2. Installing toilets can be painful, and learning to trust that your own installation works without making a mess is even more painful

So for those keeping score at home: head vs. 2×6, 2×6 wins. Thinking vs. toilet install, well I’m still waiting to see who wins this one.

Tile Floor Installed

The first major house upgrade is complete: a new tile floor in the master bathroom.

The final touches are being put on the new tile floor in the master bathroom this weekend. This is the first big, costly upgrade to the place since I moved in last year. This should rectify the absolutely dumb setup that preceded it: carpet.

Strangely, when the carpet came up, there was at least one other vinyl floor beneath it, then the wood sub floor. Why people do this stuff is beyond me. Getting a toilet installed and tacking down the carpet is all that remains to get things back to work again for this newly upgraded room.

First up, what it was when I got here:

Now, what it is today:

I can almost feel the property value going up as I write this.

How Did You Spend Your Mother's Day?

Unless it was consumed replacing well used toilets, I have you beat

I spent mine (and Steve & April’s) pulling out and replacing 2 toilets at the homestead. It as one of the most horrifying experiences I’ve ever been a part of, primarily due to the cleaning and moving task it presented.

All of this pain was undertaken to kick off the re-do of the floor of the master bathroom, which for reasons unknown to me, the previous owners had carpeted. Hopefully that will soon be remedied, but until then I have the scars of the toilet removal that will haunt my every waking moment.

Flights, Frights, and Long Painful Nights

Things that were seen, heard, and tolerated on my most recent LA trip

Another week, another trip to LA. This week brought the following interesting and weird happenings to bear…

  • I walked across the street for lunch and saw Robert Blake. TV really does make people look fat, because this guy is a straw in real life.
  • For a change, I stayed at the LAX Westin. It was a comfortable bed but I got very little sleep. There is evidently a kennel or pound within 100 feet of the hotel and dogs were yelping from 3am on.
  • My boss purchased a Ducati motorcycle. She is coordinated enough to have dropped it twice in less than a week. And it wasn’t even moving. I’ve started a hospital vigil for her now.
  • The flight back was eventful. I had no seat assignment, the flight prior to mine had been canceled, and the ground crew had no idea how many people were on the plane, how many seats remained, and how much weight they could take.

That, in a nutshell, was my end of week trip. I think that LA may need to modify their visitor message to be…

Welcome to LA. It’s like a whole other planet.

Newsletter Finally Available

It’s here! A newsletter recapping 2004, or at least the stuff I decided to write down.

I’ve finally completed my novella and posted it online. Go take a look at the latest creation, almost 15 months in the making: MS Insights Newsletter for 2004

Go on, read it. You know you want to.