Oh how I hate comment spam. I have tried everything and it just keeps coming. Now I’ve found a site with the best way to kill it for your WordPress 1.5.x install: CJD Spam Nuke. You install it, activate it, go to the comments moderation page, then nuke every single last lame posting. It happened so fast I had to check it twice to make sure it worked.

If you have comment spam, go get this plugin and kill it dead. I did.

As I sit here wondering if my leg will stop hurting, I think back to a weekend only 8 days ago. I was on the slopes of Heavenly, watching the snow fall in feet per day, knowing that I was pushing it to move so fast in such varied conditions. Yet I zoomed ahead, and at the middle of the last day of the trip, managed a spectacular high speed 180, putting me flying backwards down the mountain.

If I would have just fallen over I could have been alright. Instead, I tried to complete another 180 to put me back in the right direction, only my left leg stayed in place. This helped pull me to the ground in a crumpled heap, courtesy of my now painful knee and ankle area. Fully one week ago I was in agony, now I sit here with nagging pain when I sit in place too long (at least its not from walking).

I really wonder sometimes how I get myself into these messes. But then I remember: it’s me and I seem to enjoy having something to complain about. So now I know.

I had a trip out to Tokyo last week and found this when I returned:


What happened? Does California think it’s spring time or something? Maybe I brought back some of the cherry blossom festival with me? While you’re at it, take a look at my new favorite trip pic from Tokyo:


There’s a few more where that came from. Click through to the photos area of the site for more of that kind of thing.