Movies: The Aviator

It was a surprisingly good film with Leonardo redeeming himself in this biopic role as Howard Hughes. Recommended.

I saw The Aviator recently and I walked away impressed. I was pretty confident in its accuracy thanks to a recent interview of the director, Martin Scorsese, and I wasn’t disappointed. What I was afraid of was Leonardo DiCaprio and his seemingly impossible task to act like a real person. He surprised me with a good, one would almost say moving, performance as a prolific and later delusional Hughes. Kate Blanchett does a fantastically good job as Katharine Hepburn and Kate Beckinsale does as well as Eva Gardner. They both help move the story along while remaining true to their characters and being easy on the eyes.

It’s an accurate portrail of Hughes’ life and a good movie matinee for rainy days. I call it highly recommended.