I’m back from my Texas trip to a friends wedding and I brought back an old friend: the common cold. I am now coughing up lung cookies and feeling generally really poor. On top of this I have the joy of a splitting headache and one of the worst travel stories on record.

For those of you following my travails as an immanently soon-to-be-unemployed person, take a look at my spiffy updated work history and business network on LinkedIn.

I’ll be out in Dallas, Texas this weekend to visit an old friend and attend his wedding. It should be an interesting trial run for another wedding I will attend next weekend. Being the grand socialite that I am (not) it should serve as an interesting experience for all involved.

All I hope is that: a) the wedding gifts have arrived and b) there is something to drink. Without a bit of libation I am about as talkative as a shrub at social gatherings. Fun!

After years of trying to fight the good fight I’m looking for another job again. It isn’t by choice, but my official search has begun in earnest this week. There are some opportunties within the company, but I will look outside as well. It bites that this decsision to look wasn’t a voluntary one, but it has to be done nonetheless.

If I could learn to be dispassionate about what I do I’m sure things would go smoother for me. Until then, I need to find something else that drives me to get up and do the daily grind. I hope that I can find that soon, else the bills really start to pile up!

I spent Saturday at the Reno Air Races and it was pretty darn cool. Seeing 5 to 10 airplanes racing head to head at over 200 mph just 300 feet off the ground is pretty hard to describe. It is just flat out amazing.

Most of the pictures I took don’t convey the sense of speed nor distance between the racers, but this is one of the best of the bunch that try: biplanes racing.

Thanks to the quick work of one of the hosting site support guys I have most of my blog back. I’m still not sure how it got deleted, but I am going through and changing all the passwords and such now. Hopefully this will cut down on incidents in the future.

Oh, and I’m going to start doing backups now, too.