Bad Scripting

If you read my previous post, you know I’m bent about picture taking. That’s nothing compared to installing PHP scripts on a server with old PHP and MySQL. The scripts just don’t work and working around the problem is rather difficult.

I think I’ll go lay down and walk away from the PC for a while. Grrr.

Picture Madness

I spent the better part of today out shooting pictures of aircraft at a local air show. Problem is I get home and review the pictuers and more than half of them are blurry. Just unusable, blurred pictures. What’s worse, the camera was at its highest speed settings.

So, it comes down to this: is the lens crud or is my auto mode shooting crappy? I’ll post the pictures soon so you can be the judge.

Hectic Schedules

I would love to say that I am enjoying the new place (more on that subject later) but these days it always seems to be about work when I get home. In fact, just taking the time to do this update is tough. It makes me wonder how homeowners and people with families do it every day. Maybe they are less busy or more willing to space out all the “to do’s” than I am.

In any case I am ramping up for another few months of travel. The kickoff will be Taiwan again, followed by a whole lot of state hopping. Hopefully I can spend some time at home now and then, but it certainly looks to be a busy summer. Anyone need a place to stay for a few months?

Gallery Up

I now have the gallery working again. Don’t ask me how, because it was a major pain. In any case you can now find it here. I hope that it will stay working now 🙂

Don’t forget that browser back button! Until I get more cleanup time there is no navigation to get you back here.

It's More Or Less Working Again

After a lot of suffering it looks like this web site is nearly functional again, albeit on a very different server than where it started. But more about that later. I’m just happy to have this all working again. More details coming shortly.

Game: Battlefield Vietnam

If you’ve ever watched Apocalypse Now or Full Metal Jacket and said “I wish I could do that” you ship just came in. Battlefield Vietnam is the successful follow-on to EA’s much played and modified Battlefield 1942, developed by DICE. It is first person, multiplayer (up to 64) mayhem with tons of vehicles to drive or fly and lots of weapons to master.

It’s for the PC only, but the online game play and 70’s music track make it worth playing. This level of interactive gaming was only dreamed about just two years ago. Now you can go up against 63 other soldiers in a knock down, drag out, inch by inch war to take back the flag for your team, rescue hostages, or any of a dozen other scenarios. Highly recommended.

DVD: School of Rock

Jack Black. Joan Cusack. A bunch of kids. Rock and roll. Battle of the bands. What more is there to say? The movie is School of Rock and you need to see it. That’s all there is to it. Do it, or Jack will come to your house and eat everything in your fridge.

More Little Fixes

I spent most of the day tracking down all the little bugs in my various divs, css styles, and includes, but it looks like things are all good again. What a huge time sink it is to track down all the relative and absolute path breaks!

For now, the updated layout is working and it appears to work regardless of subdirectory or anything else. That’s “a good thing” since I have no desire to go through that mess again. Now I can get back to packing and thinking about putting some new content on this site.

Usability fixes

I saw an article that got me interested in fixing a text problem on this site, so I fixed it. 🙂

All of the text on the pages of the site should now be resizable, thanks to the ingenious but difficult to understand em size tag. Now, when you run your browser with medium size set you should see the text as I intended it. But if you scale text up or down that now works too, and it stays within the borders of the layout.

There is also an article separator between posts thanks to a handy div style tag. Hopefully readability goes up as well.