The Great Cleanup

It seems as though work never ends these days. I have just had a full day of clean up at work where every possible box, board, and spare part that went unused for the past several months went into the scrap heap. Fine, you say.

I come home and then start to the task of doing exactly the same thing with books, hardware, clothing and anything else I own in preparation for the inevitable move ahead (more on that later). Also fine, you say.

On top of all that I am going through the slogging process of de-HTML-izing another web site I now manage. In the end it will be a good thing, but for now it is just plain grunt work. Sometimes I really wish I didn’t have to do things.

Privacy Online

I received an email last night from a guy who has his email address posted on another site I manage. He was concerned that there weren’t safeguards on the email addresses and that they could be picked up by spammers. Good point.

In fact, as I look through several sites I find this to be a common problem: it is hard to be both open and informationally available while also being closed off from ill doers. As I search for the solution, if there is one, I suppose I’ll err on providing less information for the sake of better privacy.

It makes me wonder where the balance point is online. Isn’t being on a public network an admission of no privacy by proxy?

Drinkin' in Lincoln

As I sit here in my hotel room at 11:51pm I now realize how little there actually is to do out in the midwest. I am in Lincoln, NE and there is two things I’ve seen to do (and confirmed with a local): drink and tip cows.

Let it be known that I have verified these facts first hand, or at least the drinking part. Now I recall why I left this region in the first place 🙂

Crazy Travel

I just found out today that for the next 3 weeks I’ll be going all over the middle and eastern US on various visits. Each trip will consume at least 3 days out of the week and each day I’ll be in a different city and different state.

I’ll have to take the camera with me because I can’t imagine that I’ll have anyone believe all the places I have to visit. Just you wait and see.


I had one of those good days today where I’m reminded of how lucky I am to have friends. I had breakfast with one (and her daughter) that I hadn’t seen in a while. I chatted with a couple online for a few hours. And I spent more than hour on the phone with a third. The day pretty much zipped by. Talking and chatting with these folks does make time spent home alone less singular.

Now if only I could have squeezed some more work into the day, I would be caught up for Monday morning.

Picture Edits

I spent a lot of time today going through all my recent vacation photos and tagging them with metadata so they can be searched. The challenge is that many of them still don’t have good descriptions, so if you don’t know what to look for the metadata makes little sense.

I am hoping to have the final set of photos cleaned up and ready for presentation shortly. I also need to write the story behind the photos. That will be another chunk of time. I wonder what takes more work: shooting the pictures or doing something with them afterward? Where’s that auto metadata builder when you need it?

One more day of Tivo

I’m really starting to wonder if my Tivo box has it in for me. I come home and find that some programs recorded fine, while other have random audio and video glitches. All of this is happening on a relatively new hard disk, so I don’t know why there are any problems at all. Things should just work.

Strangely, I think this is Tivo’s way of telling me to record less television. Maybe I need to listen rather than watch?