And so it begins

Tonight (or this morning) I pack for what is sure to be some kind of interesting adventure. One week of fun filled customer visits in smog filled Taiwan. Then a follow up vacation in Thailand with virtually no planning on my part. I’m on the verge of complete panic, but I’m keeping it together.

If I get time to chronicle things a bit I’ll post stuff up while on the road. Otherwise, I’ll chat with you (or this log) in March.

Dead Tivo Strikes Again

Yesterday it was a hypothesis. Today it is reality: my Tivo hard drive, upgrade a little over a year ago when the last one died, has died.

This puts me in a bind as I shift into major travel mode. Sure, I have lived without TV before, but not without Tivo for so long. I have tried to put in a temporary replacement drive but even now I am rebuked by the GSOD (Tivo’s Green Screen of Death).

I think that somehow Tivo knew that I was at IDF this week looking at PC-PVR alternatives and so it died to spite me. Figures.

Slow, Painful Tivo Death

It’s not enough that I’m sick, its raining out, I’m driving 100 miles round trip the next two days from SJC to SFO and I had to go in to work at 8:30pm. Nope, the icing on the cake is that my Tivo seems to be on the verge of total destruction.

I watch a show, any show, recorded on disk, it freezes up, goes all stuttery, then reboots. I think that my 1 year old hard drive I installed in this Tivo is about to die, and it will take all my unwatched programs with it. Suck-fest.

RSS Feeds

Just as a little test, I’ve hooked up 2 news feeds from other sites: Extremetech and Wired. It was a bit of work, but it seems solid now. It almost makes this web site seem like a real one 😛

Check them out in the lower right hand corner of this browser window.

Traveling again

I’m out in OK for the weekend for a grandmother’s 80th birthday. For once I chose not to fly AA and I made it here without fear of being denied access to the plane or without waiting for hours in the terminal.

My tradeoff for this trip is that it begins another month of air travel to all kinds of places. And I’m getting over a cold of sorts which has left me with virtually no voice. So I guess I can only type my complaints for now. Joy to you.

Expensive Hobbies

I had another R/C aircraft crash this weekend. It left me with virtually no usable parts and a whole lot of questions. Again, I’ve lost a plane to the winds of fate, or at least to the angry sirens of electronics.

You can see the remains, such as they are, here. I’m saddened by it all, yet I still feel compelled to go out and spend more money. Strange.