State of Mind

Last night was one of those nights where I woke up the next morning saying “what was I thinking?” I was late to meet a friend after work so I convinced myself that it was OK to go up to the city and hang out to compensate. Now, this friend and I have a history that includes me dancing wildly and a lot of drinks.

Last night I had the drinks part down well. I skipped the dancing.

Today I’m feeling the effects long after the memories start to fade. I think this is my body’s way of telling me “dude, you’re getting older!” I felt pretty awful all day (as did the friend) and I’m now ready to collapse. I suppose the lesson here is: live and let live, except on weeknights.

Of Scripting and Sleep

I have come far in a short time, grasshopper. Having just spent a week learning the intimate details of BASH scripting there is now site wide web statistics for any who wish them. I’d say that “I am the man” except for the overwhelming feeling of numbness.

I’ve slept maybe 4 hours a night since taking on this task. I think I’ll turn in early tonight. Maybe some Zzzz’s will be good for a change, and help distract me from the clearly bad plan of working on the web site after I come home from working on the computer all day long.

Crashes and Things

I had one of those days again. You know, the ones where a lot of things seem to be fine and then everything comes crashing down at the end. Does it have something to do with my overuse of PCs? Maybe. But you be the judge:

1. Playing games on a PC should work.
2. Installing new device drivers should work.
3. Setting up new applications should work.
4. Editing web pages and script files should work.
5. Searching local hard drives should work.
6. Attempting to do 1 through 5 evidently doesn’t work.

I’ll admit that I tend to push things, but come on! How hard can it be for a PC to just do what it’s told. Oh, right! I help make these things so I should know how unstable they are. Bloody PCs!

Another Social Network

A friend invited me to yet another social network, this one called Orkut. So far as I can tell, its a more down to earth Friendster. Time will tell if this becomes another Google juggernaut (the guy who did the site works for Google.

I wonder if these sites really work. Thus far I have a good community on the business minded LinkedIn site, but have only connected with a few folks on there. Will Orkut find me love? I dunno, but I’m willing to bet it will find me some additional inbox spam.

Pre-News Cleaning

I’ve just sent out a bounce check message and found that several people on my newsletter list are no longer where they once were. Worse still is that I have no idea when they stopped being valid addresses. As I continue through the cleanup I imagine I’ll find some more that are DOA.

In the meantime, if you want to add yourself back in, visit the newsletter link above and sign up. It’s easy and it’s free.

Broken Things

First off, I’m still thinking about doing my newsletter, so just be patient.

Second, the feedback links now appear to be working. You can try them out and let me know.

Finally, I read a story about Intel’s High Definition Audio, better known to some as Azalia. I have many opinions but on this subject let me be clear: folks, its more of the same old crappy PC audio coming for you. Why? Because the people who buy the parts want them to cost $.50 and they don’t care about quality. So no matter what the press release says, this is one standard that’s headed for the dustbin before it even gets going.

Now where’s those earplugs when you need them?

Post CES Gadget Meltdown

Having just returned from the madness that is CES I can say that there are far more cool must have gizmos out there than I have either time or money to acquire. I have to give special props to my old employer Creative for their new, Microsoft driven portable media center. Time will tell if it is the real deal or just another flash in the pan.

As for me, I’m currently holding out for the DirecTV HD TiVo unit coming in April. At $1K it ain’t cheap, but then again this thing records HDTV and SDTV with 4 tuners. If this doesn’t get me to buy the flat panel HDTV, nothing will.

Oh, and my maybe, sometimes, I wish new car is finally shown: the C6. Mmmm, 400hp.

Xbox Addiction

I’m the first to admit that I play a lot of video games. But now I have a new one that eats up every spare moment: Project Gotham Racing 2. Its not my style at all; driving virtual cars around a track, beating the clock, your own time, or one of several virtual drivers. But this game adds a twist: you can link up with other humans on Xbox Live! (internet gaming) and have a go.

I’ve never laughed so hard in my entire life. 8 people with Ferrari Enzo’s smashing into the same wall at 100+ MPH, screaming and cursing the whole way. It was just too good.

The World is Ending

Massive floods, mudslides, earthquakes, airplane crashes, blizzards, and fires. Religious fundamentalists killing everyone in sight. Weapons of mass destruction hiding in developing nations. I could accept all of this as normal. But then I got someone who a) spoke English and b) was actually helpful; who spoke to me at Fry’s today.

That’s it: the global apocalypse is finally upon us. I’m stocking up on water, batteries and chocolate. Now where’s that bomb shelter when you need one?