Don't Tempt the Reaper

My hobby reminded me today that it’s all fun and games until someone loses an appendage. In my case it was a slice of my finger and about a pint of blood, according to the bystanders. The prop on one of my planes got two fingers in one pass before I was startled enough to pull them back. I think I’ll be fine again once I get the pain to subside. Oh, and my silver airplane has a nice coat of crimson spots on it now. At least I didn’t lose the fingers… a few others have. Lucky me!

News Is Up

After what seems like an eternity of me procrastinating the newsletter is finally done and posted. If you were unlucky enough not to receive this masterpiece of modern fiction you can view it here. For those of you who did see it, well, you know what to say about it.

While most folks are looking forward to a long weekend for the holiday, I’m looking to spend many hours indoors with 500 gaming fanatics hopped up on caffeine and sleeping underneath tables. They are sleeping there, not me. Just to prove that it isn’t me I’m taking along the new camera to document this strange event. It’s in Oregon, so I get to cross another state off my list of places I haven’t been. Joy.