Traffic, Heat, and Air travel

Having a 5 mile commute to work has its advantages… like not sitting in traffic. Today I had to drive up the peninsula via I-280 to get to Palo Alto. What I got instead of a drive is an extended crawl and park. Now I remember why I didn’t like commuting. Good riddance to that dash dining.

The weather has recently turned warm here. Now by New Orleans standards (I was just there) it isn’t hot, just a comfortable 85F. However, after being in doors all day and coming home to a room full of 83F heat simply isn’t fun. Guess its time to look into those PC cryo cooling solutions for the apartment again.

Finally, I recently had to do a bit of domestic traveling on aircraft. What I discovered is that people around the US are fat. I mean really fat. Deserving of ‘wide load’ signs and caution tape fat. I guess these folks just don’t go on international flights or my travels have kept me blissfully unaware of the situation. I now have a new #1 issue on planes: fat people.

What the?

Where have I been? Oh yes, working. I haven’t updated things here in a while but looks like I should do so as people still pop by the web site from time to time. Who knew?