Everything Costs Something

I spent the day looking at potential places to buy, and what I found was rather shocking. Ranging from “the low end” of around $340K to the upper end of the “high $400’s” I saw a huge swath of places that neither seem to be worth that much nor a good buy. Yet, looking at the housing market, it appears this is really the lower end of the good stuff. Yikes! How can anyone afford to buy stuff any more?

As if that wasn’t enough I decided to fire up Money 2003 and feed it 3 to 4 months of financial data (mine of course) to see if it could tell me what I can really buy with my cash. What did it tell me? That I’ll be out of cash by July and that I spend more per month than I bring in… oh, and that my target price for a new place should be no more than $165K. I think that this is all some big, sick joke on me somehow. Only time (and cash flow) will tell for sure.

Complete and Utter Crap

It’s time for companies to fess up to shipping crud. I mean it. Why do I have to spend the better part of two days building a PC from scratch to play with some new software, only to have it crash after 30 mins? And the company responsible for this mess isn’t Microsoft, either. It’s Electronic Arts!

While I’m on the subject, what’s going on with those crazy people overseas? I think it may be time to just pack it all up and bring all of our citizens and troops home. Oh, and we should pull all our money back too. I wonder how the world would see the US once all of its fingers were out of the pie, as it were.

I’m convinced: we can’t all just get along. Some of us need our quiet time.