More Skiing

Just got back from two days (kinda) of skiing and demoing another pair of skis. It was good weather and some fresh powder (California wet style) at Bear Valley. Sleep and food wasn’t so good but luckily the skiing made up for it. Only 3 hours from home to boot.

I’ll be glad to get some sleep now… and to get som Advil too.

Dodging the Bullet

Had a close call with near product disaster at work today. Luckily everyone pulled through with nary a scratch. It makes me wonder what really is the meaning of life, and if there is intelligence in the universe.

I wonder this because there certainly isn’t any intelligence in upper management. Who knew?

The Way It Is

So it is the end of another week of work and Tivo watching. It’s also the beginning of another all-too-short weekend where I can clean up around the apartment, do some gaming, and of course, vegetate in front of the Tivo. Is this great or what?

I’m beginning to think it’s “or what”.