Public Speaking

I survived another round of public speaking today. Sure the crowd was small (10 or so folks) and reasonably friendly. Yes, I knew the subject matter (audio on the PC) well. Still, I can’t help but cringe when I know that my entire performance was video taped and will be critiqued by others… an myself. I can’t stand to listen to my own voice, much less see myself on camera. Imagine what watching a technical presentation on video will do to me. I think I’ll go blow some stuff up in Ghost Recon now.


I managed to sneak in some pretty good skiing this Friday at Kirkwood with Paul. Considering I haven’t done much exercise so far this winter and I haven’t skiied in a year I did pretty well. At least nothing came back broken.

The 4Runner had its first snow workout, although it was mainly gritty road conditions that caused extreme dirtyness, not ice or snow this trip. I may have chewed up the brakes as well since they are starting to stutter again. Grr.

TiVo Goodness

I have successfully bumped my DirecTiVo unit from 30 hours to 107 hours! It was a pain, but I finally got a PC that was stable long enough for this to happen. I only have to upgrade two more (!) and I’m done. I now have weeks worth of programming available at any time… and no fear of it getting deleted when I leave town.

Yay me!

Home Work

Well, it looks like I spent the day bringing my two home systems back from the dead. The good news is I now have a working .Net server system, a domain, and a working client/game PC again. I also did a load of filing, bill paying, and a lot of laundry. I snuck in some BtVS and CYE as well 😉 (two of the most well written shows on TV these days, IMHO)

The bad news is I zipped right past doing the newsletter again. It will happen shortly. I just need to make time for it. Doh!


I’m almost ready to get around and do the newsletter. I’ve gotten the site stabilized and I just need to fix a few more quick links and then I’m done.



I’ve found the yuckiest thing in the whole world: cleaning the bathroom. I don’t know how anybody does this on a sustained basis. I mean, how and where does all the dirt, grime, and other stuff come from? If I smell one more bit of bleach I think I’ll hurl. Guess its time to look into some cleaning staff.

It's Alive!

I’ve managed to bring back a Tivo unit from the dead, using only my skills as a l33t hax0r d00d. Actually I scoured the net and downloaded a bunch of images I then burned to CD and booted my test/home system to Linux to copy them over to the Tivo. All this after dismantling the Tivo completely. All I can say is when that stupid Tivo logo starts dancing on the TV I never thought I’d be so happy.

Next up: major size upgrade on the hard drive. Will the fun ever stop?

Tivo vs. Time

I’m beginning to wonder about all of this Tivo hacking stuff. Since I first got my new SAT-T60 I’ve been consumed with programming. This now happens so often that much of it gets deleted automatically before I can view it. So, I’ve decided to upgrade the unit. Or so I think.

There is no less than a dozen ways to do the upgrade but each come with their own unique peril. Add to that a co-worker who wants hacks put in for the satellite card (these are DirecTivo units) and the desire for web based programming and there is the makings of a hefty door stop in my future. I’ll spend some more time looking at this stuff today and then see if the leap makes sense.

Oh how I long for more than 30 hours or recording time.

Small Overhaul

This site is slowly starting to get organized around the small amount of work I actually feel like doing to it. My blog has moved from the back burner to the front page, though some of the features like feedback have fallen out. I’ll add them back in when I can fix them.

In other news you’ll be seeing a newsletter shortly. I’ve gotten everything working on the script again, so it is just a matter of sitting down to actually write it. And I thought that would be the hardest part… live and learn.

I just returned from CES so I’m in no shape to stay up typing this much. More to come shortly.

Out of date

Here it is, the new year already, and I haven’t posted since September. What happened? Work happened, I suppose. Well a new resolution for the year is to keep this thing more up to date, so lets see how long I keep it!