Well, looks like I’m getting taken to the cleaners. I bought something on eBay that looked OK on the surface but now appears to be a big scam. Several other folks are telling me that they too have been snookered, so looks like its time for the police to step in.

Of course, my money is already sent and gone. Man, sometimes people really suck!

It came and went

Another week is almost gone and I’ve got nothing to show for it. Well, I do have some wonderful bags under my eyes and my ears are ringing. If only the future was so bright as this!

I hope to put some more of the site back together this weekend. We’ll see if things get better.

As for tomorrow I’m off to visit the Northern Empire, so wish me luck.

New stuff

I’ve gotten things in a big mess around here. I wiped the main index file and now it’s pretty well hosed. I put up a new script for this blog (you’re reading on it now) and I’m playing with a new site engine. Take a look!