Home again

I’m back and I’m quite out of it. Traveling where you don’t know the language is very difficult. Missing a connecting flight is even worse. Getting home and finding out you have no car is the worst of all. Is this making any sense?

Wreck recovery and travel

Turned in the Jeep today to the body shop, but not before waiting almost an hour for the shop owner who never showed up. I then proceeded to the rent-a-car place where I got the keys to a shiny new POS Stratus. This thing just doesn’t go, and calling the handling vague would be an understatement.

I’m off on another week long business trip. Maybe I’ll find something less collision happy to do this week. In the meantime it’s Au revoir USA.

Bad drivers

I got rear ended tonight near highway 85 and 101. I was just stopping for some traffic ahead and the next thing I know… wham! My rear bumper is rather broken and the other guy has no more front end or radiator. The thing is, this car is nearly out of here, with the lease due in two months. What a crappy thing to deal with this late.

And the kicker is that the guy (Indian) only said “I’m sorry.” Like that’s supposed to pay for the bumper. Damn California drivers!