Back, sort of

I’m back from the Asia trip, work related, of course. Soon I’m off to visit the Redmond boys, so another trip is ahead. For a new job, there sure is little time to get work done with all of this travelling. Goofy.

Back and forth

Well, I made it back from vacation and it ended up alright. Next steps are to write it all up, send the pictures out for development (darn film) and post it all up here. Maybe it will get done shortly, we’ll see.

New job started today and requires me to fly out of here (and out of the US) starting on Saturday for a week. Gotta love that travel stuff. Frequent flyer miles, here I come!

Vacations that suck

Just my luck. I plan a vacation and the weather is so bad it delays me getting here, then makes it not possible to do what I came to do: dive. At least the people are nice and the drinks are cold.

Now whatever will I do with the rest of the week?