Sometimes I think that people just don’t listen. I have setup my land line so that it forces caller ID before people leave messages. That screens just about everything out. But, somehow this crazy woman got through. I have no idea what she’s saying but I tried to figure it out. If you want to know, maybe you should call her at 209-962-7628.

Listen to the Original recording
Listen to the Enhanced recording

Can you tell what she’s saying?

Almost Finished

It’s all over but the crying, or at least the paperwork. The end of one job and start of another happens tomorrow. I wonder what will become of it all.

In other developments, expect yet another domain to work on shortly. This one will focus on an over enthusiastic desire to spend money by attaching motors to balsa wood (and sometimes foam) and ramming them into the earth at high speed. Fun for the whole family.

Quick Fix

Added a way to get in touch with me using a nifty little email form. No fuss, no muss, and no exposed email address. Thanks to Tim for spotting this omission. Doh!


I admit it: my last work days are a bit less stressful and far less tasking than what I have previously experienced. That has led some people to opin that I am happy. To that thought I say “bah, humbug!” I may be smug, but I’m no gleeful school kid.

That said, it is good to have supporters of my actions. Even better, it is great to have people who push me to do the right things. The best is when they pay for drinks and/or buy airplane parts. If only this could happen all of the time 😉

Oh, and if you are looking for a job, try starting here.


Here are the quick updates as they are today:

  • The new gas plane flies (but I didn’t fly it)! Check out the pix here.
  • I’m changing jobs. More on this in a future newsletter.
  • Vacation time is fast approaching. Problem is I don’t know where I’m going.
  • Congress and the entertainment industry is getting stupid again. Go do something about it here.
  • That’s all for now.

    Updated Mailing List

    The mailing list is updated and should now support both HTML and text newsletters. I hope to try this out very soon on a number of subscribers. Let’s just hope it works.

    Tired of tired

    After a week of push, push, push to get a project done there’s nothing like going home on Friday knowing it didn’t happen. Oh, and drinking for more than 12 hours straight does nothing for your metabolism. Really.