At the Movies

Saw Black Hawk Down this weekend. Powerful stuff. Not one person talked, laughed, or otherwise cut up when leaving the theater. I suppose I could see where critics may have panned the film for character development (or lack thereof), but it is still a good movie.

If you have ever questioned why military types are cocky, self-agrandizing, or otherwise egotistical go see this movie. I have a new respect for them and their job, even if the policy behind their actions make little sense.

Downtime no more

Well, another week has come and gone, as has Goobz record of stability. We’re all sitting with fingers, legs, and toes crossed hoping that this fix will be the last one. Not that I can complain, mind you 🙂

Site is up???

Goobz (the server that hosts this site) is back up and operational. But for how long? Guess I shouldn’t complain too much, seeing that the hosting and support is all free. But, I wouldn’t be me without complaining. Sorry if you came to the site between Feb 9 and 10 and couldn’t get in.

Crappy DSL

Pacbell decided yesterday to kill the login server for all of Northern California and Nevada for over two hours. Nice of them, eh? If that wasn’t enough, tonight most addresses on the West coast fail to resolve on either ping or tracert. So much for gaming. Sometimes I really hate DSL.