Short Post

Still plugging away here. Mail services are working better so watch out, another newsletter may be headed your way soon. Which reminds me, a newsletter upgrade (to handle HTML) is overdue. Better get cracking on that.

And no, I haven’t added any stories or movie reviews yet. They are coming. Just you wait.


I’m not one to rant, but this work stuff is for the birds. Really! What do you do when you are just so tired of the same old same-old that when the next thing happens you snap? Well, if you are me you rant. Not sure that it does wonders for my social standing but I feel a bit better.

In any case I’m about to the point where being a cashier at Target sounds really good, or at least less better than the gut wrenching stress of the current job every week. If only I could fix that pesky cost of living thing. Hmmm.


I played a bit this weekend. Some Empire Earth, some Ghost Recon. But mostly I just tried to keep my PC running. And that’s the key to it all, isn’t it?

After some thinking I’m starting to wonder about the future of entertainment in the home. It is sure to be great, but I’m not sure how it should all work out. Will people besides me want to have all of their media available all of the time? I hope so.

New Year – New Stuff

First off happy new year! Now that that’s out of the way it’s time to make some resolutions. Here they are:

  • Get some content on this web site
  • Keep people up-to-date more regularly than once a year
  • Provide useful information (any takers?)
  • Do something unexpected
  • That should do it for now. If I come up with other stuff I’ll post it here. Oh, and you can expect to see a lot more changes once I learn MySQL.