Well, looks like I’m getting taken to the cleaners. I bought something on eBay that looked OK on the surface but now appears to be a big scam. Several other folks are telling me that they too have been snookered, so looks like its time for the police to step in.

Of course, my money is already sent and gone. Man, sometimes people really suck!

It came and went

Another week is almost gone and I’ve got nothing to show for it. Well, I do have some wonderful bags under my eyes and my ears are ringing. If only the future was so bright as this!

I hope to put some more of the site back together this weekend. We’ll see if things get better.

As for tomorrow I’m off to visit the Northern Empire, so wish me luck.

New stuff

I’ve gotten things in a big mess around here. I wiped the main index file and now it’s pretty well hosed. I put up a new script for this blog (you’re reading on it now) and I’m playing with a new site engine. Take a look!

New Logging and Flight

I put a new blog script up but it doesn’t seem to be working quite right. Have to troubleshoot it some more when I have time this week.

Also, almost soloed at the flying field today. That means next time I go up I should be on my own, finally. Now I have no one to blame for accidents but me!

Hot and Cold

One day it is hot here, and the next it is back to normal. It gets cool to cold in the evenings, sometimes, and others it stays blazing hot. What’s with the earth, anyway?

I think I’ve settled the last of my car issues for the time being. Next up is to try to get in better shape and stop eating so much plane and hotel food. I don’t know how likely that will be, but I’ll have to try.

In the meantime, go check out some new diversions.

Cars and High Temps

Cars suck. They eat more money than they should and require way too much attention. And when you think everything is going to finally stop costing you money, something else comes up and costs far more than you think it should. Maybe I should start walking or riding bikes everywhere? Nah.

It’s been over 95+ the last few days here and that is just miserable. I’m waiting for people to burst into flames but it just isn’t happening. People are getting crazy though, talking about staying indoors with the A/C on all the time and eating ice cream. It’s mass hysteria. Good thing I’ll be on airplanes to combat all of this lunacy for the next week or so.

Newsletter and Pix up

I finally found some time and got the newsletter done. It’s out the door as of today. Ditto for the picture gallery, which can be found here until I find a better way to handle it.

PHP is oh so much fun!


It’s been a while since I’ve done anything on the site. Work is keeping me real busy. I’ll see what I can do to put up some new content soon.

Home again

I’m back and I’m quite out of it. Traveling where you don’t know the language is very difficult. Missing a connecting flight is even worse. Getting home and finding out you have no car is the worst of all. Is this making any sense?

Wreck recovery and travel

Turned in the Jeep today to the body shop, but not before waiting almost an hour for the shop owner who never showed up. I then proceeded to the rent-a-car place where I got the keys to a shiny new POS Stratus. This thing just doesn’t go, and calling the handling vague would be an understatement.

I’m off on another week long business trip. Maybe I’ll find something less collision happy to do this week. In the meantime it’s Au revoir USA.