I can’t say that I did much over┬áthe holidays but I guess I had that coming. I have had the opportunity to see a few movies, and most were pretty good: Spy Game, Miss Congeniality, One Night at McCool’s, and Requiem for a Dream.

Finally got my two new games up and running and they are great. You should go play them (if you have days to give up): Empire Earth and Flight Simulator 2002.

Site redo

There is nothing that sucks more than updating a site and finding out that it all doesn’t work. That’s what happened to this site last night. I now have it mostly worked out, so it should be functional again.

Man, something has to be done about those relative paths!


Just got back from seeing Lord of the Rings and I have to say that it was great. Long, but great. Definitely recommended. I should qualify that I haven’t read any of the books, so that may have an effect.

Had to take someone to the airport this morning, leading me to wake up at 4:30AM. Bloody hell, that’s too damn early! Tomorrow is certainly going to be key for sleep catchup.

The Move

I just did my first database move and it wasn’t all that painful. Everything looks like it still works, which is more than I can say for my brain right about now.

Oh, and dumb people really drain you. I think that must have been what killed off the dinosaurs.

Ebay & TiVo Goodness

Well I finally won something on Ebay, but I had to snipe to get it. How you say? Using this nifty site. It seems to work most of the time if you know what the price range is for the item. Sneaky but effective.

Got home tonight only to find reruns. Some people have TiVos and it tells them when reruns happen so they don’t rush home to watch nothing on TV. And it records stuff so you don’t have to rush home. So, I guess I need a TiVo (and cable too)!

Web Site updates

I haven’t updated my web site visibly in a bit. I’m still working out kinks in the scripts behind the scene. Rest assured, better content is coming. Really it is.

Work and Speed

Sometimes work is good. Sometimes it’s not. It especially sucks when you are a bonehead and do dumb things. Today was one of those days for me. Oh well.

In general, speed is good. Faster cars, faster PCs, and of course, faster internet. But when your software gets faster, well, that’s as close to a bloody miracle as it comes. Today I saw software get faster. Way to go Steve (super-programmer)!


OK, I take back my freeware comment. The author was nice enough to put up the fix for the comments issue. Now if I could just get the spell checker to work ­čÖé

Tired Again

Just got back from a party and man am I beat. Food and drinks were excellent, though. Thanks Lisa!

Just heard a bunch of hum coming from the Mackie mixer, and I tracked it down to the PC / SB Live!. Grumble, grumble. Got to look into balanced to unbalanced plugs this week and see if that fixes it.